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  • Physiology
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  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Trigonometry
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  • Literature
  • Essay Writing
  • English
  • Writing
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  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Programming
  • Discrete Math
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
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  • U.S. History
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • World History
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  • Economics
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  • Finance
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Jump into learning English with me, where we make it fun and easy for students in the US, UK, Canada, and those doing the IB. My English lessons are not just about English but also combined with social studies topics such as civilizations, world wonders and historical events. Whether you're a young learner in elementary school, a teenager in high school, or a college student, I'm here to ignite and nurture your love for English.

Math is all about solving puzzles, and I've got the tricks to make it fun for all ages. Whether you're just starting or getting ready for college, we'll break down those tricky problems into easy steps.

Science becomes a cool exploration with my lessons. We dive into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in ways that'll make you feel like a scientist, whether you're a curious younger student or a college-bound learner. No longer will Science be a distant, abstract concept.

History is like time travel with me. I'll take you on exciting trips to the past, making the stories of ancient battles and important events come to life for students at every level.

Geography turns into an exciting adventure as we explore different places around the world. With cool resources and expert service, it'll feel like you're really visiting these far-off lands, no matter if you're in elementary school or heading off to college.

Learn French, Spanish, or German with me. Starting from scratch or aiming to improve, I help tutor you a universe of linguistic possibilities for you to increase your communicative abilities in various new cultures.

Join me on an exciting exploration of technology and computing, designed to be both fun and enlightening. My tutoring style, aimed at young learners or teens, is packed with lessons that build essential skills about programming languages such as Python, C++, Java and the basics of Computer Science for teenagers.

In my biology tutoring sessions, you'll learn about living things in a simplified and engaging way. I use clear explanations and direct examples to make complex concepts easy to understand. My aim is to create dynamic, engaging classes vastly different from traditional ones you've experienced.

My chemistry sessions are all about making chemistry simple and fun. I make it very accessible to learn about how things react with each other, all presented in a way that's easy to get.

From classical mechanics to modern physics concepts, sessions are crafted to be as enlightening as they are engaging. Through problem-solving and real-life applications, students gain a robust understanding of physics concepts, preparing them for further study or to simply better understand the world around them.

Students learn about ecology, conservation, and sustainability through a blend of scientific study and discussion of current events, fostering not just knowledge but also a sense of responsibility to caring for the environment with care

Statistics is about interpreting data and making informed decisions. My lessons break down complex concepts into understandable segments, using examples from health, politics, sports, and more. Students learn to analyze data, understand probability, and apply statistical methods in practical scenarios, skills increasingly important in our data-driven world.

My lectures focus particularly on simplifying concepts and terminology during teaching to help students feel closer to the subject of Calculus. Students will learn to grasp fundamental principles like differentiation and integration, which are essential for solving problems involving motion, optimization, and accumulation.

Embark on a geometric journey with Savvycle's engaging online lessons. From the elegance of Euclidean proofs to the practicality of geometric constructions in engineering and architecture, students will delve into the beauty and utility of geometric principles through our lectures.

Journey through trigonometry fearlessly with Savvycle's specially designed Trigonometry lessons . Our engaging lessons are crafted to support students who may find the subject intimidating, guiding you through the complexities of triangles, angles, and trigonometric functions with clarity and patience.

In my Algebra I & II courses, students will discover a treasure trove of mathematical tools. My lesson is about algebraic manipulation, equation solving, and function graphing, grasping key concepts like linear and quadratic relationships, exponential growth, and polynomials.

Get personalized expert assistance in any academic field. 100+ courses and programs covered. Tell us what you need help with, describe your project requirements, and set the deadline.

In this lesson , students delve into topics such as functions, graphs, trigonometric identities, conic sections, and sequences and series. My lesson offers students practical applications of math concepts, enhancing critical thinking and analytical skills vital across science, engineering, economics, and finance

My lecture aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge tailored to specific biological entities such as animals, plants, and microorganisms. Students will learn about life and nature, including development, evolution, metabolism, genetics, molecular biology of microorganisms, and plant and animal physiology.

My lecture is about natural sciences, studying the structures, compositions, properties, and transformations of matter. Students pursuing chemistry will be equipped with foundational knowledge of social sciences and natural sciences, as well as fundamental knowledge of natural sciences and social sciences.

My lessons are about mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and quantum physics. Students will learn experimentation, theory, and problem-solving about the physical world from subatomic particles to the cosmos.

Join me with a rich tapestry of foundational and advanced concepts about Mathematics. Students will learn deeper and more abstract concepts than what is typically encountered in high school. Our lecture is about calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, discrete mathematics, probability theory, and mathematical analysis.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with my lesson. Students explore a wide range of topics including algorithms, data structures, programming languages such as C ++, Python, Java , software engineering, computer architecture, operating systems, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Ace your standardized tests such as ACT with my lectures. Our tailored programs are designed to equip you with the skills and strategies. Students will learn about test formats, exam topics, time management tips, and methods for answering questions from essays to multiple-choice.

From acing GCSEs to mastering IB challenges and excelling in AP and A-Level exams, my lesson here to guide you every step of the way. Students learn about various disciplines such as mathematics, sciences, languages, humanities, and the arts. Besides, they can explore global perspectives, cultural awareness, and interdisciplinary connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At SavvyCle Tutoring, we offer over 100 subjects across all domains, grade levels, and curriculums, including but not limited to Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, English, Literature, Essay Writing, Writing, Biology, Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Structures, Computer Science, Computer Networks, Computer Programming, Discrete Math, Java, C, C++, Python, Social Studies, U.S. History, Geography, Government, Psychology, Sociology, World History, Business, Economics, Microeconomics, Finance, and Macroeconomics. If you have any concerns about whether we can help with your subject, schedule a trial session or call us today!
To schedule a tutoring session, parents/students must subscribe to a plan. All scheduling is made via my Calendly link.
Each tutoring session typically lasts for 1 hour. We have 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 min options. However, I can customize the session duration based on your specific needs and preferences. We can discuss the ideal session length during the scheduling process.
To reschedule or cancel a session, you can reach out to our team via email or phone at least 24 hours in advance. We'll be happy to assist you in finding a new session time or processing your cancellation request.
I tutor all age groups. My lessons are designed to meet each student’s needs and abilities, making learning personalized and insightful. I focus on quality and engaging tutoring, no matter your age or interests. Subscribe to a plan today to start learning with Savvycle Tutoring!
Absolutely! My lessons welcome requests for specific focus areas or topics for your tutoring session. At Savvycle Tutoring, we strive to tailor each session to meet your individual learning goals and preferences. Whether you need help with a particular subject, concept, or skill, just let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.
At Savvycle, the best online tutoring service, the cost of tutoring depends on the selected membership plan. With the Standard Plan priced at $149.99 per month and the Pro Plan at $299.99 per month, students can access our lessons tailored to meet their individual learning needs. Additionally, we offer a free trial session for 15 minutes so that students can experience our lectures firsthand. Whether choosing the Standard Plan, with one daily tutoring request or the Pro Plan, with two daily tutoring requests, students receive our support and guidance to help them achieve their learning goals.

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