Honor Code

The SavvyCle Honor Code

SavvyCle’s Honor Code explicitly outlines student’s, instructor’s and tutors’ responsibilities as users of the SavvyCle platform. This helps establish all parties are on the same page right away. With an understanding of these policies in place, instructors and tutors can engage students with a greater sense of trust. Students, in turn, have clarity about what is and is not acceptable conduct for using the platform. Every academic institution can ensure that their academic integrity policy is upheld on our platform.

Our Values

Academic Integrity

The need for honesty and confidence in students is vital. Honesty is essential to academic integrity and is the first bedrock of academic accomplishment.


Many people have different ideas of defining what excellence is but all these views have a common trait to them which is that they conform to certain values. In education, excellence symbolizes creativity, curiosity and commitment combined.

Student Success

We believe that when a student is successful in their studies, they also gain confidence, independence, and success. The value that students are successful in school and have a great experience throughout their educational process is one of the top priorities in SavvyCle.

All users of SavvyCle’s platform, including students, students’ families, teachers, and tutors, are subject to the SavvyCle Honor Code. As part of SavvyCle’s objective to promote academic accomplishment, the Honor Code emphasizes integrity. After all, academic success devoid of integrity isn’t really academic success at all.


Students may utilize the platform’s services, including learning tools and tutors, for help with their homework, assignments, or any other legitimate purpose. Neither students nor tutors should utilize the SavvyCle’s platform for academic dishonesty. The academic rules of the school they attend are generally applicable to students. This should always be complied with, and shared with the tutors. Students shouldn’t, however, use the platform to replicate answers or to obtain answers to questions or issues without understanding how those answers were arrived at. The platform may be utilized to supplement learning, but not in place of learning.


As former students, tutors ought to comprehend and value academic integrity. The academic process should be complemented by tutoring and instruction, not used as a way to replace the student’s work with the tutor’s. In order to uphold the academic honor code of the school the student attends, tutors must not complete homework, take tests, permit or support plagiarism, or engage in any other type of dishonest behavior.

The main truth is that you will only be cheating yourself if you utilize this platform as a means of cheating. Although SavvyCle is not in a position to police or monitor adherence to its Honor Code, it is the responsibility of all platform users to do so on their own and to stop others from doing so.


SavvyCle maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or prohibit access to the platform to anybody who violates the Honor Code after it has been reported.

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