Chat Learning

Chat Learning

Online learning never felt so easy and interactive! 

At SavvyCle, we make sure you enjoy a productive session with your tutor by making use of a real-time chat where you get to communicate your doubts and ask questions in a live environment.

Students can’t always get to the library when the hours of operation are inconvenient for them. That’s why we’ve built tools that enable you to attend live chat sessions with tutors whenever you want, day or night.

All you need is:

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Q & A

Why Chat Learning?

Tutoring is an interactive process. Without interaction and communication, the learning cannot be maximized. This is where live chat comes in; it is a time and space efficient medium that allows you to talk to your tutor at any moment.

What is Chat Learning?

It’s a chat interface that offers instant help in learning. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Chat learning costs $2.50 for 10 minutes of chat! 

How Do I Pay?

Payment is done through the SavvyCle CashApp* Link. 

*You can only start Chat Learning after payment has been made via our CashApp Link.

When is Chat Learning Available?

Chat Learning is available from 9 am – 9 pm every day!

Here's a Quick Preview of Chat Learning

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